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Banff Mountain Film Festival – New York City

Symphony Space
2537 Broadway at 95th St.
New York, NY
7:30pm: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Wednesday, March 1, 2, 3, and 4, 2015

Note: the films Sunday and Tuesday will be the same and the films Monday and Wednesday will be the same and films



Sunday, March 1 and Tuesday, March 3 2015

Danny MacAskill: The Ridge

2014, Scotland, 7 min
Filmmakers: Stu Thomson
Classification: General, no advisory

World-renowned trials rider Danny MacAskill is back! Filmed on the stunning Isle of Skye in Scotland, MacAskill returns to his childhood haunt for a new challenge: riding a mountain bike on the infamous Cuillin Ridge.

Delta Dawn

Best Short Mountain Film – sponsored by The North Face

USA, 2014, 16 min
Filmmakers: Pete McBride
Classification: General, no advisory

During an experimental pulse flow in the spring of 2014, filmmaker Pete McBride packed up his stand-up paddle board and headed to the Colorado River Delta to investigate how we use and abuse Western water – and how restoration is possible.

Wild Women: Faith Dickey

2014, UK, 3 min
Filmmakers: Lukasz Warzecha, Polished Project
Classification: General, no advisory

Smile and laugh along with slack-liner Faith Dickey as she shows us just how fun life on the line can be.

Tashi & The Monk

Best Film – Mountain Culture – sponsored by Helly Hansen

England, 2014, 40 min
Filmmakers: Andrew Hinton, Johnny Burke
Classification: General, no advisory

There’s a brave social experiment taking place on a remote mountaintop in the foothills of the Himalaya. A former Buddhist monk is seeking to transform the lives of abandoned children through love and compassion. Tashi is especially vulnerable as she struggles to make friends, and learns that love can help heal even the saddest memories.

Sufferfest II: Desert Alpine

Radical Reels People’s Choice Award at the BMFF – sponsored by Deuter

USA, 2014, 27 min
Filmmakers: Cedar Wright
Classification: Parental Guidance, coarse language

Cedar Wright and Alex Honnold are back! This time, a month riding their bikes and climbing desert towers in the American Southwest should be a piece of cake for these fast friends. Or will it?


(2014, USA, 9 min)
Filmmakers: George Knowles, EVOLV Sports & Designs
Classification: General, no advisory

Kai Lightner discovered rock climbing at the age of six. Now 14, he is pushing the limits of hard climbing and trying to staying focused, all with his single mom on belay.


Sun Dog

USA, 2014, 5min
Filmmakers: Ben Sturgulewski
Classification: General, no advisory

What could be better than riding gorgeous lines of untouched snow with your best friend at your side?

Into The Empty Quarter

England, 2013, 20 min
Filmmakers: Alastair Humphreys, Leon McCarron
Classification: General, no advisory

Inspired by their hero Wilfred Thesiger, adventurers Alastair Humphreys and Leon McCarron attempt a trip into the Empty Quarter desert on the Arabian Peninsula. The 1,000-mile journey sometimes puts the cart before the camel, and then, all you can do is laugh along the way.

Afterglow (Tour Edit)

2014, USA, 3 min
Filmmakers: Michael Brown, Nick Waggoner, Zac Ramras, Sweetgrass Productions
Classification: General, no advisory

From Alaskan spines to deep pillows in British Columbia, Afterglow turns big mountain skiing on its end, and then turns it upside down again, heading into the night through a wintery glow of trippy technicolor.

Monday, March 2 and Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy Winter

Sweden, 2013, 8 min
Filmmakers: Bjarne Salén, EndlessFlowFilms
Classification: Parental Guidance; coarse language

Being grateful makes you happier, and there is so much to be grateful for. Especially if you spend as much time in the mountains as Andreas Fransson does did.

Arctic Swell – Surfing the Ends of the Earth

USA, 2014, 8 min
Filmmakers: Anton Lorimer, Chris Burkard
Classification: General, no advisory

Surfing photographer Chris Burkard loves capturing cold water surfers. He’s prepared to venture to the ends of the earth to snap that once in a lifetime shot.


2014, USA, 40 min
Filmmakers: Jeremy Collins, James Q Martin
Classification: General, coarse language

Four years, four cardinal points, four epic adventures — acclaimed climbing artist Jeremy Collins embarks on four journeys, from the Venezuelan Amazon, to the China-Mongolian Border, to the northern reaches of Canada, and closer to home in the Yosemite Valley.

Mending The Line

People’s Choice Award – sponsored by Treksta

USA, 2014, 20 min
(2014, USA, 20 min)
Filmmakers: Steve Engman and John Waller, Uncage the Soul Productions
Classification: General, no advisory

In 1944, 20-year-old Frank Moore landed on the beaches of Normandy. Now, at the age of 90, he returns with his wife and son to heal the wounds of his past by fly-fishing the streams he once helped free.


New Zealand, 2014, 4 min
Filmmakers: Blair Trotman, Papatuanuku Film
Classification: General, no advisory

Paralyzed in a skiing accident in 2007, Caleb has defied the odds and continued to thrive in his chosen passions. Learning to kayak after his injury, Caleb is positive, inspiring and one epic human!

And Then We Swam

Best Exploration & Adventure Film – sponsored by MSR

UK, 2013, 37min
Filmmakers: Ben Finney and Robb Ellender
Classification: Parental Guidance; coarse language, nudity

Most adventurers who set out to cross the Indian Ocean have some rowing experience. For two blokes from the UK, that seemed like a minor detail, not a death wish.


2014, France, 5 min
Filmmakers: Jean-Baptiste Chandelier
Classification: General, no advisory

Touch is a colorful and spectacular flying tour of Santorini in Greece, the Aiguille du Midi above Chamonix and the Col du Galibier in France, with a bit of cheekiness added in, just for fun.

Film menu subject to change Program length approximately three hours including films and intermission