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Banff Mountain Film Festival – New York City

Symphony Space
2537 Broadway at 95th St.
New York, NY
7:30pm: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
February 28 and 29, March 1 and 2, 2016

Note: the films Sunday and Tuesday will be the same and the films Monday and Wednesday will be the same and films


Sunday, February 28 and Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Important Places

Best Short Mountain Film
(2015, USA, 9 min)
Filmmakers:  Gnarly Bay, Forest Woodward
Parental Guidance: coarse language

Using a mix of old 16mm footage and new visuals, a son rediscovers the necessity of returning to and protecting “the important places” in our lives.

The Last Dragons

(2014, USA, 10 min)
Filmmakers:  Jeremy Monroe, David Herasimtschuk
Parental Guidance: General; no advisory

An intimate glimpse at North America’s Eastern Hellbender, an ancient salamander as mythical as it is real.  And in many waters, myths are all that remain of these sentinel stream-dwellers.

Darklight (special edit)

(2015, USA, 5 min)
Filmmaker:  Rachel Franks, Matt O’Connor, ZacRamras, Mike Brown
Parental Guidance: General; no advisory

In 2014, the award winning film Afterglow followed skiers down impossibly lit, virgin powder slopes in the dead of night.  Get ready for the sequel, this time on two wheels.

Unbranded (special edit)

People’s Choice Award
(2015, USA, 46 min)
Filmmakers:  Dennis Aig, Phillip Baribeau
Parental Guidance: coarse language

Four men and 16 wild mustangs set off on a 5000 kilometre journey across the American West from Mexico to Canada.  In the spirit of true adventure, whiskey is drunk, tempers fly, tragedy strikes, and the bonds of friendship hold fast.  But can the journey help save the plight of the wild horses roaming on public lands? Only time will tell.

Nature Rx

(2015, USA, 1 min)
Filmmakers:  Justin Bogardus
Parental Guidance: no advisory

Is life a little too mundane or overwhelming? Feeling tired, irritable or stressed out? Maybe Nature Rx is just the ticket.

Kroger’s Canteen

(2015, South Africa, 8 min)
Filmmakers:  Greg Fell, Dean Leslie
Parental Guidance: General; coarse language

In 2014, Kilian Jornet won the Hardrock 100 mile race through the San Juan’s of Colorado. Along the way he stopped at Kroger’s Canteen – an aid station perched on a tiny ledge, 13,100ft above sea level. This is a story about that aid station, about the people who make it happen, and about the spirit one can only find at the Hardrock 100.


(2015, USA, 8 min)
Filmmakers:  Ben Moon, Ben Knight
Parental Guidance: no advisory

There’s no easy way to say goodbye to a friend, especially when they’ve supported you through your darkest times.

Women’s Speed Ascent

(2015, USA, 4 min)
Filmmakers:  Keith Ladzinski, Chris Alstrin
Parental Guidance: Coarse language

Mayan Smith-Gobat and Libby Sauter knew that the women’s speed record for the ascent of The Nose on El Cap was theirs for the taking. Crushing the old record after just a few days of attempts, Mayan and Libby put their names in the record book of the infamous route in the Yosemite National Park.

Paddle for the North (special edit)

(2015, New Zealand, 27 min)
Filmmaker:  Alexander Behse, Simon Lucas
Parental Guidance: coarse language

On an adventure of a lifetime, six young guys paddle to some of the most remote rivers in North America.  It’s a 1,500 km, 63- day mission to truly discover the secrets of the north and to show the world why some places are worth preserving before they are changed forever.

Paradise Waits (special edit)

(2015, USA, 7 min)
Filmmakers:  Teton Gravity Research
Parental Guidance: General; no advisory

How do you celebrate winter when snow finally falls? Freeskier Tim Durtschi takes tram laps at Jackson Hole and big mountain skier Angel Collinson rips up some Alaskan lines.

Monday, February 29th and Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

55 Hours in Mexico

(2015, USA, 9 min)
Filmmakers: Joey Schusler, Karl Thompson, Thomas Woodson
Parental Guidance: coarse language

Fly to Veracruz on a Friday, rent a car, climb the third-highest peak in North America, ski down and return to your desk Monday. How hard could it be?


(2014, USA, 13 min)
Filmmakers: Aimee Tetreault, Renan Ozturk, Tim Kemple
Parental Guidance: no advisory

How does curiosity inspire ultra-marathoners Rory Bosio, Timothy Olson and Hal Koerner as they prepare for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc? Their artistry gives them lots in common with local artist Andy Parkin.

Sounds of Paragliding

(2014, France, 4 min)
Filmmaker: Shams
Parental Guidance: General; no advisory

Listen to nature’s harmony while aerobatic paragliding pilot Théo de Blic dances to the sounds of the sky.

Voyagers Without Trace (special edit)

(2015, USA, 46 min)
Filmmaker: Ian McCluskey
Parental Guidance: General; coarse language

In 1938, three Parisians pushed off from a Wyoming riverbank to attempt the first kayak exploration of the notoriously wild Green and Colorado rivers—and they recorded their journey, creating the first colour adventure film. The reels went unseen for 75 years, until Ian McCluskey spotted the trio on a roadside marker, sending him on his own adventure to discover more.

The Warmth of Winter

(2015, USA, 6 min)
Filmmakers: Ben Sturgulewski, Philip Drake, ErmeCatino, Stephan Drake
Parental Guidance: General; no advisory

Outside, the snow flies and the wind roars. But here, quiet and safe in the candlelight, the warmth and the wood wrap around you like a blanket, and the mind melts into reflections of days gone by. Take shelter from the storm. Sit down by the fire, have a drink, and take a load off. There is no warmth like a warmth found in winter.


(2015, UK, 5 min)
Filmmaker: Natasha Brooks
Parental Guidance: nudity

Natasha Brooks swims naked year-round in the cold mountain lakes of Snowdonia, Wales. Through this she finds solitude, grounding and a deep connection to the natural environment. Winner of the British Mountaineering Council’s 2014 Women in Adventure Film Competition.


Best Film – Snow Sports
(2015, Canada, 31 min)
Filmmakers: Anthony Bonello, Switchback Entertainment
Parental Guidance: coarse language

The odds are low, the risks are high – photographer Reuben Krabbe is determined to capture a photo of a skier in front of the 2015 solar eclipse in Svalbard. But the weather’s bad, the guide is sketchy, the pressure is massive and the skiers just want to ski.

unReal (special edit)

(2015, USA, 12min)
Filmmaker: Teton Gravity Research
Classification: General; no advisory

Imagine a world where you ride the perfect trail perfectly, and sometime snow isn’t the only stuff that falls from the sky. When you spend all of your time at work dreaming about mountain biking, which life is real?

Film menu subject to change Program length approximately three hours including films and intermission