Banff Film Festival / Maryland / Emmitsburg

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2021 Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour—Emmitsburg

Held every year in Banff, Alberta, in late October, this year’s Festival went virtual for the first time in its 45-year history. Due to the Covid pandemic, our Banff shows in Lake Placid, Lebanon, Portland, Suffern, New York City, Morgantown, Emmitsburg, and Baltimore this year will also be virtual.

Fortunately, Banff is carrying out a series of virtual world tours offering films that, according to Outside Magazine, “will have you cringe, gasp, or cheer your way through daring feats in the mountains or through stories of fascinating characters.”

Two new Banff Mountain Film Festival movie packages will hit the internet on Feb. 4. The  Ruby and Sapphire movie bundles are joining the below   Amber and Onyx movie packages that are already online.  (See film descriptions in film menu)

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We have teamed up with our long time sponsor, Leki, for a contest to win a pair of Leki Trekking Poles and a pair of Leki Ski Poles. To be eligible Like Us on our Facebook page at will be entered with other contestants from our Chestnut Mountain Productions Banff shows.  

We will do the drawing on March 15 and the two winners will be selected. Congratulations to our past winners, Dana who attends our Suffern, NY shows and Jesse B who attends our New York City shows.

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