Irish Folk Furniture

2012 Ireland / Duration: 8 mins; Directed by: Tony Donoghue

Tony Donoghue has brought the locavore philosophy to filmmaking. His earlier A Film from My Parish – 6 Farms (Mountainfilm 2009) and the new Irish Folk Furniture were created entirely within 2 miles of his home and feature subjects that appear, initially, to be of only limited interest. But something as simple as an old chest of drawers, when seen through Donoghue’s lens, becomes a living and breathing character, and Donoghue proves that a talented storyteller can charm us with any subject matter. In the filming of Irish Folk Furniture, Donoghue saved and restored 16 pieces of furniture and returned them to their owners. Focusing on the beauty of what we already have versus what we desire, Donoghue offers a view of an optimistic future by pointing his lens at the past.


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