Banff Film Festival / West Virginia / Morgantown / Directions

Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour – Morgantown, MV

Pathfinder of WV

235 High Street, Morgantown (next to the County Court House) One block from the Met. See directions below.

Metropolitan Theatre, 369 High Street:
From the North: I-79 Take the US-19 exit number 152 toward Westover/Morgantown. Turn Left onto US-19N. Turn Left onto US-19. Turn left onto US-119/University Ave/US-19. Continue to follow University Ave/US-19. Turn right onto Fayette St. Turn right onto US-119S/High St. to 369 High Street.

From the East: I-68 Take exit #7 toward WV-705/Airport/Pier- pont Rd. Turn right onto CR-857 S. Turn left onto US 199 S. Turn left onto US-119 S/High St to 369 High St.

From the South: From I-68, Take the US-119 exit number 1 to- ward University Ave./Downtown. Turn left onto US-119. US-119 becomes University Ave/US-19/WV-7. Turn right onto Fayette St. Turn right onto US-119 S/High St. to 369 High St.

Public Transportation: Walnut Street stop of PRT.

Parking: Two lots and one garage; visit www.downtownmorgan-