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Mountainfilm in Telluride – Portland, ME

Westbrook Performing Arts Center
471 Stroudwater St, Westbrook, ME 04092
next to the Westbrook Middle School
7PM:, Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Scared Is Scared

USA / Duration 8 minutes; Directed by: Bianca Giaever

Bianca Giaever asked a 6 year old what her movie should be about, and this is what he told her.

Nord For Sola (North Of The Sun)

2012 Norway / Duration: 46 mins; Directed by: Inge WeggeJorn Ranum

Last winter, if you had happened upon a particular isolated and frigid beach north of the Arctic Circle in Norway, you might have been surprised to find two young men, two surfboards and a pile of garbage.Inge Wegge (age 25) and Jørn Ranum (age 22) spent nine months of the year — of which all could arguably be considered winter in the frozen north — testing a hypothesis that they could live happily, and even comfortably, off the waste of others. They chose this beach because it held a well-kept secret: some of the world’s finest undiscovered surfing waves. Bringing only their surfboards and their enthusiasm for adventure, the duo picked up driftwood to build a shelter, found a barrel to use as a stove, hiked to a nearby town to collect free expired food from a grocery store, caught fish and also caught waves. Almost as an aside, Wegge and Ranum piled washed-up garbage (despite its remoteness, the beach seems to collect a lot human detritus) to remove at the end of their stay. The location of their makeshift home will remain a secret, but they are generous enough to share the story of their winter North of the Sun with us.

Rider And The Storm

2013 USA / Duration: 16 mins; Directed by: David DargBryn Mooser

A New York City iron worker named Timmy Brennan found escape by surfing in the waves of Breezy Point. Then, Superstorm Sandy hit, destroying everything he had, including his cherished surfboard. The Rider and The Storm (directed by David Darg and Bryn Mooser, the team who brought Baseball in the Time of Cholera to Mountainfilm in 2012) tells this story of Brennan’s loss, but it’s really about what happens to him next — events that will reassure you about human nature.


2013 USA / Duration: 8 mins; Directed by: Skip ArmstrongAnson Fogel

When a crew of filmmakers and kayakers head to the Mexican jungle to hunt big waterfalls, they find a place of unrelenting rain, heinous insects, thick mud, scary viruses and utter perfection. Cascada, another gorgeous short film by Forge Motion Pictures, follows the crew as they explore a world beyond expectations, where biting flies, tangled vines and shoddy hotel rooms can’t detract from the unrivaled waterfalls and powerful rapids they discover.

Irish Folk Furniture

2012 Ireland / Duration: 8 mins; Directed by: Tony Donoghue

Tony Donoghue has brought the locavore philosophy to filmmaking. His earlier A Film from My Parish - 6 Farms (Mountainfilm 2009) and the new Irish Folk Furniture were created entirely within 2 miles of his home and feature subjects that appear, initially, to be of only limited interest. But something as simple as an old chest of drawers, when seen through Donoghue’s lens, becomes a living and breathing character, and Donoghue proves that a talented storyteller can charm us with any subject matter. In the filming of Irish Folk Furniture, Donoghue saved and restored 16 pieces of furniture and returned them to their owners. Focusing on the beauty of what we already have versus what we desire, Donoghue offers a view of an optimistic future by pointing his lens at the past.

A New Perspective

2012 USA / Duration: 10 mins; Directed by: Corey Rich

David Lama is best known as the young competition climber who conquered an 8b+ at the age of 12 and went on to become a junior world championship and twice winner of the European Youth Cup. But these days, Lama is focused on the toothy peaks in the world’s tallest mountain ranges. A New Perspective follows the soft-spoken climber and his partner, Peter Ortner, as they tackle these heights. After free climbing the Cerro Torre in Patagonia, the pair travels to Pakistan to attempt to free climb Eternal Flame, a pitch up the Nameless Tower in the lofty Karakorum Range.

Gregg Treinish, A Moveshake Story

2013 USA / Duration: 10 mins; Directed by: Alexandria Bombach

What does it really take to combine passion for adventure and a responsibility to protect the environment? In this “MoveShake” film, a character-driven series, we meet Gregg Treinish, a National Geographic Adventurer who launched the nonprofit Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation (ASC) in 2011. Based on the idea that those who recreate in natural areas have a responsibility to protect them, ASC facilitates partnerships between adventure athletes and researchers. Collecting scientific data on expeditions around the world, ASC has projects from Everest to Kilimanjaro. In this film, we see Treinish at home in Bozeman, Montana, and working with middle-school students from Oakland, California, on an expedition in the Sierras, proving that one person can have an impact if they set their mind to it.

Split Of A Second

Split Of A Second

Sweden, 2012, 8 minutes
Filmmakers: Björn Fävremark and John Boisen
Classification: General, no advisory

99.9% of time is spent in preparation for living a few moments of joy. The other .1% is to only be here now, and step off that cliff!